Meet Ella Marshall

Candidate for Family Court Judge

 As a life-long resident of Monroe County, I bring over 20 years of devoted legal experience and commitment to bettering our community.  When it comes to the judiciary, experience is paramount.  Previously, I served as an Assistant District Attorney in Monroe County’s Child Abuse Bureau and as an Attorney for the Child, advocating for thousands of children in criminal and family courts.  Additionally, having served as a Deputy County Attorney in the Child Services Unity, I passionately fought to protect abused and neglected children while working to reunite families and foster stronger communities.


  • 20+ years practicing law in Family, Supreme and Criminal Courts focusing on children.
  • 7 years as attorney for the Child at the Legal Aid Society
  • 5 years as ADA and Deputy County Attorney.
  • 8 years in private practice – representing clients in all facets of Family Law.
Ella and her 3 sons


As a single mom of 3 kids, I understand the difficulties families face when going through challenging times. For 15+ years, I served as an attorney for children, giving a voice to 1,000+ children in Family and Supreme Courts. I became a certified mediator as I believe the best decisions for families are those made jointly by parents and guardians.


Engagement in our community is key to understanding its needs. Having volunteered with Cameron Community Services and ACT programs, I have directly supported children and families through educational initiatives and empowerment efforts. Now, as a member of the Permanent Judicial Commission of the Genesee Valley Presbytery, I remain dedicated to serving the most vulnerable among us in our community.

smiling children